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Pray For First Responders In Uvalde, Texas

As we send our prayers out to the families of the victims of the shooting in Texas, and we mourn along with them, let's also take a moment to pray for those first responders that responded to that scene. The images that they will forever carry in their hearts will haunt them. They will have nightmares, and flashbacks. They will wake suddenly in the middle of the night, or the middle of the day depending on what shift they're on, in a cold sweat. They will struggle to maintain relationships that they have had for years, childhood friendships. Their homelives will suffer. They will drink until they either pass out or black out, just to stop the pain and the fear raging inside of them like a hurricane. They will take pills to feel numb from the evils they relive in their minds every day. How do I know this? Because I have been there. I have seen things that no human being should ever have to see. If you know a police officer, firefighter, EMS professional, soldier, Marine, airman or sailor, give them a hug and let them know that they are not alone, that you care and that you're there for them. Most of us know at least one of these people. Most of all, today, when you pray for the people of Uvalde, Tx, pray for the first responders that had to enter that scene. Pray for the ones that had to notify the loved ones that their child or wife, husband, father, or mother would never return home. Pray for the officers that had to make that split second decision to pull the trigger and end a life to stop the senseless killing.PRAY

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