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Community Outreach

Today, Ephesians 6 Project spent a couple of hours on the New Haven Green handing out Chick-Fil-A breakfast sandwiches, cookies, and water to the less fortunate of the area. While I certainly don't enjoy seeing anyone hungry and without a home, I did enjoy the opportunity to speak with these folks. Many of them have stories not that much different from my own. There were a couple of individuals that were initially confrontational when we approached them, their demeanor change quickly once we let them know that we weren't there to give them a hard time, buy to offer them free food. We arrived on the green at about 10 am with 50 sandwiches that were very generously donated by the Chick-Fil-A on Universal Drive in North Haven. At 11:45 this morning, we handed out the last sandwich.

During our time on the green, we walked around the area approaching those that were there. We directed them over to just north of Center Church of Christ where we had a table set up. What a great opportunity to share a message of God's grace. All of this was only possible because God was directing us.

Again, I thank Chick-Fil-A of North Haven for their very generous donation. I also thank my brothers from Vox Church for helping with everything. All the glory goes to God, for we are only His instruments.

I definitely plan to organize at least a couple more of these outreach activities throughout the summer. I pray that others will be able to join us in the future.

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